Graduation on the chopping block in North Smithfield

By: Samantha Lavien

Twitter: @samanthalavien

Graduation is on the chopping block in North Smithfield because of a projected $470,000 deficit for 2014.

“We will still have a normal graduation all be it informal. They will
still have their caps and gowns, they will still get diplomas, they will
still get their binders that say North Smithfield High School on it but
it would not be a formal setting as you would normally have in a high
school graduation,” said The Chairman of the North Smithfield School
Committee Robert Lafleur.

The School Department has already cut High School Varsity and Junior Varsity sports for the Spring season.

Lafleur says he's hopeful the budget problem will be resolved soon and that all programs and activities will be restored.

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