No more free donations for the Town of Richmond from Dunkin Doughnuts

RIchmond town leaders are baffled by a decision by Dan's management company, which manages the three dunkins doughnuts in Richmond, to stop donating food, drink and other items.. To town and schools.The donations stopped over a licensing dispute between the town and Dunkins doughnut franchise owner Jim Lynch.Town

Town Leaders are upset by the sudden move..The town clerk says ,If any business owner were to say,we can't afford the donations, that it wasn't part of their business practice, I don't think any of us would have a problem with that, this establishments withdrew donations the day before an event.

Jim Lynch, the owner of Dunkin Doughnuts franchise also told ABC6,

He wants to work out the dispute between him and the town of Richmond, he's sending a representative, hoping the both parties can reach an agreement and move forward.