No night skiing at Yawgoo Valley due to cold weather

By: News Staff


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EXETER, R.I. (WLNE) — While some may avoid going outside at all costs in severe cold weather, some love it such as skiers and snowboarders at Yawgoo Valley.

However, even they need a break when it’s extremely cold outside. In fact, the ski resort is closing down early because of the cold temperatures.

Ski-goers who go to Yawgoo and employees have loved the cold weather. In fact, they say as long as you are dressed properly, you are fine. But when the sun goes down Thursday night, Yawgoo will be shutting down too.

Yawgoo says they do not make this decision very often especially during Christmas vacation, but for the safety of their staff and guests, they are cancelling their night session. In other words, they will be shutting down at 4 p.m. Thursday afternoon.

Now last year during Christmas break, it was warm out, which did not make for good skiing. This year, they opened up early since it has been very cold making snow round the clock.

“Of course we don’t want anyone getting frostbite so we’re just taking those precautions plus this will give us extra time to make snow on the trails we’re going to go all day will just move the snow guns and go on the trail that we have open today so it’ll give us a little bonus,” said General Manager, Tracy Hartman.

Anyone who is planning on skiing or doing outdoor activities Thursday, Yawgoo recommend you dress in layers, keep all of your skin covered, and take breaks to head inside periodically.

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