No short-sleeve weather, but close!

This is the pattern for the next 10 days with arctic cold retreating back to where it belongs… the arctic circle! We will enjoy a warm-up for the last few days of 2022. High pressure in the mid and upper atmosphere is dominating our weather this week and is anchoring itself along the eastern seaboard. This is pushing the jet stream winds northward locking the arctic air in Canada.


We’ll watch a storm form in Texas and move northward along the Mississippi River Valley and into the Great Lakes Region. Ahead of it, plenty of water. It’s a mild rain for us on New Years’ Eve. Awful timing for any outdoor activities and celebrations.

Map2 Map3

Reminder that some ponds and lakes have thin ice on them now and this is not safe to venture out on. It’s a good time to teach children especially of the dangers of thin ice. It won’t be an issue after this weekend because any ice will melt with the mild air and rain ahead.




Forecast Details by StormTracker Meteorologist Nick Morganelli

Today: A beauty! Sunny. High near 50.

Tonight: Mostly Clear.  Low near 35.

Friday: A 10! 99% sunshine. High near 52.

Holiday Weekend:

Saturday: Scattered showers developing. Highs near 54.

New Year’s Eve: Steady rain developing and continuing past midnight.  Mid to Upper 40s. Breezy SW 10-15.

New Year’s Day: Early Showers then partial clearing and windy. Morning high near 50. Falling temperatures later in the day.

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