Non-profit donates truck-full of groceries to Bristol seniors

Senior citizens in Bristol now have refrigerators stocked full of groceries thanks to the generous donations of a local non-profit.

BRISTOL, R.I. (WLNE) – Senior citizens in Bristol now have refrigerators stocked full of groceries thanks to the generous donations of a local non-profit.

We Share Hope, a non-profit in Warren, collects food from corporations that would otherwise be thrown away, and donates it to those in need.

“Right now we’re moving extra truckloads, trying to help all the seniors that we can. Seniors a lot of times are a population that are overlooked,” said Cristina McKibbin, Chief Operating Officer of We Share Hope.

McKibbin loaded the organization’s truck full of food and drove it to the Benjamin Church Senior Center Thursday morning. Volunteers from the Bayside YMCA helped unload the 12 pallets and packed the food into reusable grocery bags.

The senior center staff along with the YMCA volunteers drove it right to the doorsteps of seniors in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.

The food included bread, milk. potatoes, onions, soups, and an assortment of fruits and vegetables. Altogether, it went to more than 250 seniors across town.

“They are isolated. We’re trying to keep everybody in their apartments, but there are some that do need to get to the grocery store, and they do go. We have a lot of community areas that the people get together every night and watch TV together… that’s totally stopped.”

Stephany Silvia, manager at Franklin Court Independent Living, is in charge of more than 100 seniors.

She said they’ve tried to keep them inside, and hope this generous donation, and the senior center’s continued donations of food, encourages the residents to not venture out.

“I think this is gonna be a great help for that, to keep them out of the stores as much as we can,” Silvia said.

The groceries were delivered Thursday afternoon to seniors living on their own in the community, and to those at Franklin Court and the Bristol Housing Authority.

90-year-old Julia LaFlamme is one of the lucky seniors. She said she usually gets a ride to the grocery store by her daughter but has been trying to keep her distance since the outbreak.

She said she’s grateful for the continued meals from the senior center, and the generosity from her community.

“They are very good, very good. I thank them so much. They’ve been so good to us.”

We Share Hope’s market in Warren has been closed since the coronavirus outbreak, as their volunteers are mostly seniors. Click here to learn how to donate to help them continue their mission.

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