Nordstrom closes at the Providence Place Mall

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — It’s the end of an era at Providence Place Mall. The original anchor store, Nordstrom, closed for good. The large space will sit empty until the fall when another retailer moves in.

There were a few sad shoppers today taking one final trip to Nordstrom the store that essentially kick-started the Providence Place Mall back when it opened in 1999. The company announced in October it was leaving. There is a replacement, but that’s months away and that replacement is a bit of a mystery to many local shoppers.

A tough day for loyal Nordstrom shoppers. The department store closing its doors for good in Providence.

“It’s really sad. I love Nordstrom, it’s one of my favorite places to shop in the mall so I’m just going to see if they have any good sales,” says Katie Ristow.

“It kind of feels like an end of an era. I’ve been coming to the Providence Place Mall since I was a little girl and Nordstrom has always been a staple,” says Francesca Spinella.

Shoppers were met with empty shelves and racks.

“I think that it will feel really different just because it has been such a huge part of this mall so after JCPenney closed and now Nordstrom, I just don’t know what the malls going to turn into,” says Spinella.

It’s not just the shopping people will miss. Nordstrom Café and its coffee bar are also fan favorites.

“Excellent coffee, excellent service I’m really disappointed that they’re going away. It was a great spot to grab a drink,” says Marc Harris.

Boscov’s, a Pennsylvania based department chain, will be filling the empty space, opening its 48th store. According to a press release from the company, it claims to be increasing sales both online and in stores while other retailers are struggling.

The one problem here, shoppers don’t know what it is.

“Never heard of Boscov’s, how do you spell that,” says Harris.

“No, I have not, never even heard of it,” adds Ristow.

Boscov’s will open its doors in October. Nordstrom closing leaves 187 non-seasonal workers without a job. This does not impact the Nordstrom Rack at the Warwick Mall.

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