North Attleboro couple on sick ship now home

By: Samantha Lavien

Twitter: @samanthalavien

A North Attleboro couple is back in Massachusetts after what some would call a nightmare Royal Caribbean Cruise.

“We had about three days at sea and after that day is when things started going I guess a little wrong,” said Dennis Boutin.

Boutin was on the ship with his wife. He became sick and was quarantined in his room for two days.

“I was up all night really awful type of bug,” said Boutin. “They put a yellow dot on your door so at least the cabin stewards would know that you were sick so they would put on masks, put on gloves, and almost like a white suit to come in and your room.”

More than 600 passengers and at least 50 crew members got sick. Boutin says he heard the numbers could have been as high as 1000 people. The ship returned to port because of the outbreak that health experts say was likely the norovirus.

“The big day they tell me there was 400 people waiting in line at the doctors office…Some people came down in wheel chairs.. The sicker the people, just like a hospital, they took them first,” said Boutin.

Boutin says he was impressed with how the crew handled the situation. And, he says he does plan to cruise again.

“This will never stop me from going, never,” said Boutin.

Those on the ship received many perks including 50% off each person's trip, roughly $200 a day for those quarantined, and a 50% discount on a future cruise that is booked within the year.

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