Camera catches Amazon delivery driver urinating on groceries in North Kingston

"It's disgusting to think about."


UPDATE 3/5/21 – North Kingstown Police say Ivan Jimenez of Providence came into the police station Friday and said he was the caught on the Ring doorbell camera.

He denies urinating on the packages.

He was charged with one count of vandalism and will appear in court in May.

A North Kingstown man says he’s baffled after he watched an Amazon delivery driver on his Ring doorbell camera last Friday, urinating on the groceries he’d just dropped off.

The surveillance footage was shared first with ABC 6.

The delivery starts as normally as possible, with the driver dropping off cases of seltzer water that the customer had ordered from Whole Foods through Amazon Prime.

That customer got a notification from his Ring doorbell camera when the delivery driver approached.

“I was watching and he was acting strange. So I kept watching,” said the customer, who asked to remain anonymous.

You can see the man goes back and forth a few times. The customer says he continued watching on his phone.

“I didn’t know what he did until I looked outside and saw the wet spot there on the ground,” he said. “Then I went back inside and re-watched the video. And I put the volume all the way up and I could hear it.”

The delivery driver sees he’s being captured on the ring camera, so he crouches down to relieve himself.

“At that point, I realized that he had urinated all over my food,” said the customer.

He says he immediately called Amazon customer service, which was largely unhelpful, but when he called a corporate number, an Amazon representative apologized profusely and sent a cleaning crew to the house to clean their front walk. He also received a $100 credit in his Amazon account Wednesday morning.

“I’m just totally mind blown about the whole thing,” he said. “I just don’t know what he was thinking or, if he did just have to go to the bathroom, there were woods right next to my house!”

The customer also told ABC 6 that he contacted North Kingstown Police who have been trying to locate the driver.

He says the whole ordeal is especially unnerving given how often people are ordering online nowadays.

“I’m extremely happy that I had the Ring doorbell because if we didn’t then we would be drinking those seltzers right now,” he said. “It’s disgusting to think about.”

In a statement, Amazon spokesperson Branden B said, “We have very high standards for delivery partners and expect every package to be handled with care. This individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages.”

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