North Kingstown School Committee Co-Chairman Provides Statement in Response to Phase II Investigative Report

NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WLNE)- North Kingstown Co-Chairman Lisa Hildebrand addressed the public regarding the Phase II findings into if administrators knew of alleged “fat checks” by Aaron Thomas, and for how long.

Chairman Gregory Blasbalg was unable to address the crowd as scheduled due to illness.

The 258-page report released on Monday explained that blame was to be placed on many administrative levels through 2 specific time frames– June of 2017 and September of 2018.

In a brief statement Tuesday night, Hildebrand explained that they can’t fire an administrator without an evidentiary hearing. She explained that the purpose of the investigation by Matthew Oliverio was to defend itself with established facts and evidence that could stand in court.

She additionally assured the community members at North Kingstown High School that there were no deals done with any administrators who have left the department.

Former North Kingstown Superintendent, Dr. Phil Auger, resigned on March 9th — five days prior to the release of Phase II’s findings. On Thursday, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Denise Mancieri announced her retirement.

Hildebrand also explained that they will begin the search for a superintendent and assistant superintendent in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Michael Waterman continues to serves as interim superintendent.

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