North Kingstown school roof is leaky, parents upset

The leaky roof at Quidnessett Elementary School” in North Kingstown is getting worse. Parents and teachers started complaining two months ago, and say after all this time, nothing is being done.

Abc6 just obtained a report that says eight separate areas in “Quidnessett Elementary School's” roof are leaky, but it doesn't talk about how the town will fix it. And leaders there wouldn't really talk about it with us either.

Pictures sent to us by parents and teachers show water falling from the ceiling, buckets full of it, and some of it's even in the light fixtures. This is the second round of pictures sent to us from people worried about students' safety.

Jim McGwin has been active in trying to get the leaks fixed. He's frustrated nothing has been done since we first talked to him more than a month ago.

“It's horrible to see this,” said McGwin, “And it's horrible to think there's little kids in that building, never mind employees, and the fact that there's a mold risk and the risk of electric shock.”

North Kingstown's superintendent told us he had a test done last month, and there's no mold risk. But he also admitted he hadn't seen the pictures and didn't realize it was that bad.     

We tried to talk to him on camera, Wednesday, he refused, so did the town manager. That had McGwin plain old angry.

“More pictures from parents and we've been trying to get this resolved, so that it's fixed by the summer and we haven't gotten any support from the school department and most of the school committee,” said McGwin.

School committee member Bill Mudge said he's on board with fixing the problem, but it can't be done overnight. He applauds the town for getting a moisture survey done determining there are leaks, but admits this problem has been going on for awhile.

“I'm really disappointed the superintendent didn't feel this was a problem,” said Mudge, “We can't say it's a lack of funding, because we've had the funding, it's been a lack of priorities of where we put our money.”

The superintendent said he had crews at the school, Wednesday, looking at the roof. We didn't see any when we were there.