Superintendent Squashes Growing Mold Concerns At Quidnessett

A leaky roof at a North Kingstown elementary school has parents concerned over the potential for mold.

“I've never seen this in any other place I've ever been,” Jim McGwin said.

McGwin snapped photos of the leaks in the ceilings at Quidnessett Elementary. He says it has becoming a growing safety concern.

“They have put holes in ceiling tiles because it's so bad that when it rains they just put buckets under it,” McGwin claims.

McGwin says buckets will not keep mold from growing if the school department does not fix the problem soon.

“Not only is it a health and safety issue and parents are upset,” McGwin says. “But we just can't let this go on for another 5 years.”

Superintendent Phillip Auger says he is aware of the problem, but there are other matters that must be dealt with first.

“You make a priority list and you get to items as you can,” Auger said. “We are trying to do the best we can to do that.”

Auger says his focus is on getting a bond passed to fix another leaky roof at Davisville Middle School. He says there are no unsafe conditions at Quidnessett.

“There are no unsafe levels of mold there. If there were, we would address it immediately,” Auger said.

In the meantime, McGwin says the longer they wait, the more of a risk it becomes.

“The building is only going to get worse the longer we let it go,” McGwin said. “If you don't replace the oil in your car, you are eventually going to end up having to buy a whole new engine.”