North Providence firefighters help disabled man

By: News Staff


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NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — An unexpected act of kindness by a group of North Providence firefighters transformed the life of a man with muscular dystrophy.

Those firefighters have known Jeff Jerry for several years. However, three weeks ago, the firefighters came to his house to help him get inside after his fiancé was too tired to lift him and his chair.

The couple has had a ramp, but no one to help set it up. Therefore, the North Providence firefighters took it upon themselves to help out.

“In my firehouse, I have guys who are doubly trained as firefighters. I got a master carpenter, I got a blacksmith, and I got a mechanic. So when it comes to something, like wait a minute, I think we can take care of this. Everyone said let’s absolutely do it,” explained Captain Henry Cullen of the North Providence Fire Department.

“I felt like a kid on Christmas Eve,” said Jeff Jarry.

Jerry and his fiancé say they are eternally grateful to these firefighters and that their actions have restored their faith in humanity.

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