North Providence getting ready for winter

By Bianca Buono


North Providence officials are hammering away at one of the town’s snow plow trucks. They’re doing whatever they can to prevent what happened last year.

"Last winter, it was a devastating winter,” said North Providence Mayor Charles Lombardi.

Streets were impossible to drive on and there weren’t enough plows to get the job done. And it all came at a hefty price tag.

"If one of these trucks came to us via a vendor, it’d be about $150 an hour for the truck, the plow and the sander and the driver,” Lombardi said.

According to a new extreme weather map, don’t count out the possibility of another rough winter.

Data shows every county in Rhode Island and Massachusetts is prone to weather-related disasters. For example, in Bristol County, there have been two floods, two snow and ice disasters, two tropical storms, and two severe storms just since 2010.

The town of North Providence has been working since August to fix up plows the city bought to save money and stock up on salt, ensuring the public that they are ready for anything.

"We feel that if we were to get some snow as early as next week, we’re ready to go,” Lombardi said.

The city of Providence has increased its snow and street sweeping budget by more than ten percent after last year’s historic winter.

Click here for a look at the interactive weather map.

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