North Providence park run down, dangerous

Nicole Brazier

NORTH PROVIDENCE – According to a plaque at the Captain Stephen Olney Memorial Park, it was last restored in 1994. But since then it seems it’s been forgotten – garbage and broken equipment are just two of the potential hazards for children.

Luybov Boguk has been coming to the park in North Providence, since she was a kid. Now she brings her two young children to play, weekly.

But these days she’s not sure the park is safe enough to come back to with her kids.

“Things are duct taped together, things missing, there’s playground equipment that’s broken, so at some point you need to sit there and say who’s responsible for it to make it better? My son plays in a rusty hole in the stairs!” she said.

 Graffiti is also rampant throughout the park, a historic graveyard on the site is unkempt and vandalized, and litter can be seen on trails where folks frequently walk their dogs.

“Glass, everything! You know, they don’t take care of it, and usually the lawns need to be mowed,” said Connie Giblin, who was walking her pup through the park today.

Mayor Charles Lombardi says the Department of Public Works is in charge of the park, and visitors say the trash barrels are changed on a regular basis.

They’re just hoping more notice is paid to areas that aren’t just eyesores, they could be dangerous.

“Keep it nice and clean for the kids because I mean if you’re not going to do anything for them, you know when they grow up they’re not going to do anything for this town, they’re going to move out. And then what are we left with?” said Boguk.

Lombardi tells ABC6 that the DPW will look into these issues when they return to work after the holiday.

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