North Providence Police need public’s help to identify counterfeit cash suspects


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NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I (WLNE) – North Providence Police need your help to nab three suspects wanted for using counterfeit cash.

Police say the three suspects pictured above tried passing $100 bills at the Family Dollar on Smith Street. 

“A very alert cashier noticed the bill was counterfeit because of the way that it felt,” said Captain Donald Trainor with the North Providence Police Department.

Investigators believe the suspects may have been working together because they all went to the same Family Dollar within a few days of each other. 

The incidents happened in May, but police have not been able to make any identifications since then, so they’re now asking for the public’s help.


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According to the store manager of the Dollar Tree down the street from Family Dollar, the two male suspects tried using the fake $100 bills there too.

“Usually in counterfeit cases, suspects will go in with a $100 bill to a store like the dollar store so they can buy something inexpensive and get as much clean money back as possible,” said Capt. Trainor. 

Police say they are working with the Secret Service to identify the suspects. 

Capt. Trainor says counterfeit money cases are sporadic in North Providence.

If you recognize the suspects, you’re asked to call police at (401) 231-4533, or you can message the North Providence Police Department through Facebook.

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