North Providence restaurant refusing to close despite compliance order from DBR

"These are allegations that are unfounded," said restaurant owner Shane Piche.

NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – North Providence restaurant Centredale Revival Co. is open for business, despite being ordered to close by the state Department of Business Regulations for alleged Covid-19 violations.

“These are allegations that are unfounded,” said restaurant owner Shane Piche Wednesday.

Piche says he decided to take a stand and remain open, after being told to close for 14 days almost a week after his original inspection.

“If something was that bad it would have came the next day,” argued Piche. “A 14 day closure is a punishment in a time where what we don’t need is punishment, we need help.”

The report details that when a DBR inspector came to inspect the business on January 8, the inspector noticed multiple violations, but couldn’t finish the inspection because she was harassed by a patron. She also says when she came back later with a police officer, she was denied entry.

“Came back after hours. And we said ‘Look we’re closed, if you want to come back,'” explained Piche. “And she said, ‘Well there’s people inside.’ And we said, ‘Well we’re wrapping up. We’re not serving any longer, people are still finishing,’ and so on and so forth. We’ve always complied, we’ve always allowed them in, we’ve never denied anyone access.”

The main violations allege the restaurant was operating too late, three employees weren’t wearing face masks, and diners were mingling unmasked.

Piche disputes the claims, though he has retrained his staff, had everyone tested, had the space sanitized, and put together a new Covid-19 control plan.

“If you want to sit here and discuss if there was something that needed to be done differently, whatever the case may be, that’s fine. But the answer is not to pour salt in the wound and make things worse,” said Piche.

Piche said he is working with the state to come to a resolution, and has welcomed them back for another inspection.

We reached out to the DBR for comment on this business remaining open, but have not heard back.

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