North Smithfield man escapes unscathed after crane crashes through home

Frightening moments for a North Smithfield homeowner Monday afternoon after a crane crashed right through his home, feet from where he was watching TV.

Jack Fandetti said he and his wife were sitting in the living room at around 1:00 p.m. when the nightmare unfolded.

"It’s like an explosion. It was like someone threw a hand grenade through your family room and it all just exploded," Fandetti said. "I was only like eight feet away from where it happened and suddenly a crane came through our window,"

Fandetti said he was getting some trees removed in the back yard from Mike’s Professional Tree Service. He said the boom crane had a little too much weight on it, forcing the truck to topple over.

"You don’t have time to even think. We just jumped up, turned around and said ‘oh my God the crane is down," he said.

The large crash echoed through the area of Pound Hill Road, sending neighbors like Sue Narodowi into a panic.

"I heard a big crash, bang, boom. I’m like ‘oh my God what was that.’ I just panicked, ran over here to get a better look and that’s when I saw the truck lifted into the air," she said. "I just feel bad for everybody."

Incredibly, nobody was hurt during the accident.

The crane was removed safely from the property, but not without ripping some of the siding out from the house.

Fandetti said he might not be able to stay in his home until he figures out his next plan of action.