North Smithfield pet groomer refutes charges against him, says he’s received death threats

By: Ellie Romano


Twitter: @ERomanoABC6

NORTH SMITHFIELD, R.I. (WLNE) – A pet groom in North Smithfield who is facing multiple animal cruelty charges is publicly defending himself. 

John Froais, the owner of Doggie Styles Pet Spa, has been charged with the following after four puppies died while in his care.

  • Four counts care of dogs
  • Four counts of felony cruelty to animals
  • Five counts of unlicensed practice of veterinary medicine 
  • One count of obstructing a police officer
  • One count of simple assault

Froais said since the charges came out, his life’s work of taking care of animals has been destroyed and he’s receiving death threats. 

He’s owned the grooming business and kennel for 28 years.

“These are my kids,” he said referring to his pets.

He said this all started last Spring when he gave a French bulldog named Tula to a friend.

“We agreed as I do in all my contracts that she was to be fixed,” said Froais.

But he said his former friend never got Tula fixed and came back six months later with her pregnant.

“[She] showed up crying saying she can’t afford a c-section,” said Froais.

Froais claims he agreed to help cover the medical costs and that Tula gave birth to nine puppies while in his care. Five were stillborn and four were sickly.

“The puppies were all compromised because of lack of nutrition and prenatal care,” he said.

He admits he’s not a licensed veterinarian, but said he knew how to treat the puppies and tried his best to save them.

“I did nothing that I haven’t been trained to do over the past 30 years by a licensed veterinarian,” said Froais. 

The four puppies ultimately died, but Froais said it wasn’t because they didn’t receive the proper treatment.

“They didn’t have the urge to live or suckle,” said Froais.

His former friend reported him to the RISPCA and then he was arrested and charged. He’s been ordered to have no care or custody with any animals.

“These are my kids and they want to take them from me and tell them I can never have animals again when I have dedicated my life to being a voice for them,” said Froais.

In addition to being a groomer, Froais is also a breeder and has a number of cats and dogs. He tells ABC6 he worked out a deal with a judge to have adequate time to relocate the animals before they are seized by officials. 

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