Norton police officers, dispatcher foot hotel bill for man living in squalid conditions

NORTON, Mass. (WLNE) – Two Norton police officers and a dispatcher are being praised for their act of kindness towards a man in desperate need of safe living conditions.

Patrolmen Sean Worrall and Kevin Schleicher were working the night shift Tuesday when they were sent out to check on a resident.

“Dispatch had said that a concerned citizen from the town had run into this individual and wanted us to do what we call a well-being check on him at the address,” said Patrolman Schleicher.

When the officers arrived to the home, they found a 74-year-old man living in squalid conditions. After talking with the man, they learned he had recently recovered from cancer and had been having a hard time taking care of his house on his own, with no close family around.

“It was in rough shape. There was no water, things like that, basic utilities. It was in rough shape,” said Patrolman Worrall.

Worrall and Schleicher, along with the dispatcher Mandi Goodwin, knew they couldn’t let the man stay there any longer. But, social services could take days, so, they took matters into their own hands.

“While I was talking to him trying to find out a way to get them somewhere to stay for tonight, Mr. Worrall and the dispatcher, Mandi, had made arrangements with Extended Stay, which is a hotel in our town,” Schleicher said. “Patrolman Worrall and Mandi had split the rate and we ended up getting him down there, get him in a room, at least have a couple nights stay until we get some more services through Bristol Elder and our Town Council on Aging.”

The hotel gave the officers a discount, and the man had a safe and clean place to stay for two nights, all thanks to the officers and a dispatcher who went above and beyond the job.

He was extremely grateful. It was nice being able to help him out. You see someone who needs help, you try to do the best you can,” said Worrall.

Chief of Police Brian Clark has since written a letter to the Norton Town Manager asking for the three to be honored for their good deed.

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