Nursing home residents receive customized holiday decorations

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – After months of lockdown and not being able to see their loved ones, 78 long-term residents at Charlesgate Nursing Center were surprised with custom holiday decorations to uplift their spirits.

Fran Davenport, a decorator for the management company, decided to take matters into her own hands, by creating #OperationCharlesgateCheer.

For over a month, Fran and her husband transformed their home into “Santa’s Workshop” and began making individual Christmas trees or Hanukkah bushes for each one of the 78 residents.

Each decoration had a specific theme depending on the residents interests.  From Patriots’ and Red Sox themes to cupcakes and trains, each resident was able to have their own custom decoration to uplift their holiday spirit from the comfort of their own room.

Each tree or bush was delivered to the 78 residents beginning the week of Hanukkah.

The nursing center said in a release, “We think this project will not only cheer the hearts of the residents, but every American who is trying to think about the holidays and searching for a sense of renewal, a reset, a glimmer of hope…and no one needs this more than long term care residents.”

“They are losing hope.  We have to be their hope” said Administrator of Charlesgate, Pat Rodrigues.

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