Nursing students ready to step in to add to the workforce

Governor Gina Raimondo calling on nursing students to help and add to the workforce as they prepare for a surge.

Nursing students who have completed one semester will now be allowed to get a 90 day certified nursing assistant license.

Meghan Welch, a nursing student at the University of Rhode Island, is in her junior year and received an email from the school on how to apply for the 90 day CNA license.

A lot of the nurses and healthcare providers are feeling pretty burnt out so I think it’ll be helpful for us to step in,” Welch said.


Welch lives in Southborough Massachusetts and now that she’s back at home taking classes remotely, she wanted to help out.

“I went on Indeed and I found a job looking for a CNA near a nursing home near me and the job title included they were looking for nursing students home for the rest of the semester to step in for CNA’s who are being quarantined,” Welch said.

It’s not just nursing homes looking for help though.

Director of Workforce Development for Care New England, Vickie Walters, said they have already started to reach out for help in their hospitals.

“We definitely need direct line staff so nurses, CNAs MAs, but were looking for help in all areas,” Walters said. “I’ve called out local colleges and universities. So we are finalizing a plan to utilize graduates and nursing students and to utilize them as well.”

Welch urges her classmates and anyone on the fence to help out.

“I would tell them to remember why they chose nursing in the first place,” Welch said. “We all chose it because we want to help people so I think this is a time where a lot of people need help and a lot of people are in need. It would be nice if we can all step in.”

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