Occupy Providence Strikes a Deal with the City

     Providence Mayor Taveras called it a done deal. The city and Occupy Providence have agreed on a new day shelter for the homeless, which means protesters should soon be packing up and moving out of Burnside Park, but some protesters are saying, “Not so fast.”

     The city said it's a peaceful end to Occupy's three month long movement in Burnside Park. But there are many details to be worked out. In fact, Occupiers said they're not going anywhere just yet.

     Amanda Magee walks through a snow covered Burnside Park, which the Occupiers have called home since mid-October. She should be leaving soon.

“I honestly can't really comment. Part of the proposal did say we'll temporarily suspend the overnight protest, but as far as when and how? That's still in talks with the city,” said Magee, one of the Occupy protesters.

     Both sides have now agreed on a day shelter that will be run by the Roman Catholic Diocese out of the Emmanuel House in South Providence.

     “I honestly think it's really great that people are going to be indoors instead of outside during the day, because shelters take care of people at night, but they kick them out during the day,” Magee explained.

     The day shelter is expected to open soon. And that's when Occupiers said they'll vacate Burnside Park.  Monday, they held another private meeting, but refused to elaborate on their discussion.

     Occupy protesters said they'll hold a one o'clock press conference at City Hall Tuesday about their agreement with the city. That's when they'll reveal their plans, including details on leaving Burnside Park.