Odor problems close down Attleboro plant

by ABC6 Chief Political Reporter Mark Curtis


The New Stream wastewater treatment plant in Attleboro stands silent, but it still smells here.

The city health department ordered it to “cease and desist” operations this week.

But, anyone riding nearby, or walking into to shops will tell you why.

“A real bad odor. It really smells. It's stinky. Really, really smelly,” said Attleboro resident Paula Blais.

“It's almost like rancid. I don't know how to explain it. It's a rotten smell,” said Attleboro resident Andrew Everson.

In fairness, people tell us some days there is no smell, but then other days, it's just awful.

ABC6 Chief Political Reporter, “On a day like this when it is overcast, and there is a modest breeze, the stench is unmistakable here. The City of Attleboro will hold a public hearing on the problem this coming Thursday.”

New Stream has been fined a few times over the past three years, when the odor has been at its worst.

City leaders would like the company to install a high–tech, plasma, air filtering system.

“What the city is hoping is that the plasma air sanitation system will actually be able to filter out all of the bad microbes and the bad smells and the nuisance from the air,” said Ward 5 City Councilor Jeremy Denlea.

ABC6 News contacted the management of New Stream to hear its side of the story, but we never heard back.

The public hearing about the problem will be Thursday September 5th at Attleboro City Hall, and the public is invited to testify.