Local officers attend Ramos funeral

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By Dana Griffin



QUEENS, NY- Officer Rafael Ramos is now, detective. He and his partner Wenjian Liu were promoted to honor their service to the city. About 50 Rhode Island officers got back into town around 5 o’clock and shared what they got from today’s service.

RI State Police Superintendent, Col. Steven O’Donnell said, “Once we got there you had to walk anywhere from a mile to half a mile to get anywhere near the church and we were probably half a mile from the church.”

Officers overflowed the streets of his Queens, New York neighborhood and they carried their fallen comrade into the Christ Tabernacle Church where he worshipped and was about to become a Chaplain.

Woonsocket Police officer, Edward Cunanan said, “We stand together, we stand for what’s right and I expected to see that and I saw a lot of that today.”

Vice president Joe Biden led the mourners.

“When an assassin’s bullet targeted two officers, it targeted this city and it touched the soul of an entire nation,” said Biden.

New York‘s Mayor, Bill De Blasio had a fine line to walk. He’s been condemned by many police officers for siding with recent anti–police protestors and stoking hostility for law enforcement. Hundreds of officers turned their back on him when he spoke.

“I extend my condolences to another family, the family of the NYPD that is hurting so deeply right now,” said de Blasio.

Outside, an honor guard of thousands of police officers joined hands as they stood in silent witness.

Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu died together, shot execution–style one week ago by a gunman apparently seeking vengeance against police.

As Ramos’s widow and two sons were presented the flag from his coffin; on the ground and in the air- a final salute to Detective Rafael Ramos.

“It’s not a fair assessment to decide we come to work everyday and we should die. So when people want to talk openly about killing police officers, we’re gonna stand and we’re gonna fight that. And I think the message went out nationally, internationally today that law enforcement will stand together and will take on those threats no matter where they will be,”

No word yet on when funeral services will take place for Detective Wenjian Liu. RI state police will go back to New York for his funeral.

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