Officers officially commended for saving mother and baby

By Jordan Mazza


CUMBERLAND, R.I. (WLNE) –Two police officers have been officially commended at Cumberland Town Hall for saving the lives of a mother and her baby.

Cumberland police Sergeant Matthew Alves and patrolman Ken Henneverry were first to respond to the fire on Valentine’s Day.

They got the mother and baby to safety.

“It’s just instinct,” Henneverry said. “You get them down as quickly and as easily as possible. You don’t think, you just act.”

Their boss says this is what inspires people to join the force.

“We become police officers to help people,” John Desmarais, Cumberland Police Chief. “You have to jump into action. You have to help whoever is in desperate need.”

The officers are being called heroes, but they say they did what they were supposed to do.

“I took this job to help the community I grew up in,” Alves said. “Any police officer would’ve done what we did that day. But to be rewarded for it in a commendation, it’s special to me.”

“It’s a very humbling and rewarding circumstance,” Henneverry said. “And it means the world to us.”

The mother and child were not at the commendation ceremony, but the officers say the family personally thanked them for saving their lives.



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