Official cites need to expand, add amenities to Cliff Walk

By: The Associated Press


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Posted by: Rachael Perry

NEWPORT, R.I. (AP)  — Officials in Newport are looking to add more restrooms along the city’s famed Cliff Walk, as long lines at current restrooms have become a common problem.        

Newport grounds supervisor Scott Wheeler says people are lined up all day during the weekends, and there is a need to plan for a new set of restrooms. He spoke to both the Cliff Walk Commission and the Tree and Open Space Commission on Tuesday night, citing the demand for more restrooms.        

The Cliff Walk is the most visited tourist attraction in Rhode Island with an estimated 750,000 visitors per year.

Wheeler says there is also a need for a new public entrance and exit somewhere on a long continuous stretch of coastal trail, but it would require cooperation with a willing private landowner.

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