Officials warn RI residents about possible medical phone scam

By Sean Cahill

Twitter: @ABC6

The Attorney General's Office and Department of Health are warning Rhode Island residents about a possible medical phone scam.

They say the calls appear to be primarily targeting women with some, but not all of whom, have had a recent surgery.

The callers are telling individuals they are a “medical compensation company” or “the state department of health” asking about recent surgeries and other personal information. 

The Department of Health says these callers will often hang up when asked why they are calling, and the caller refuses to provide an official company name or contact information.  The calls also appear to originate from a 201 area code in New Jersey, although the phone number is not in service when the phone number is dialed. These are all red flags according to the Department of Health and the AG's office.

New Hampshire has also received multiple phone calls from consumers who report a similar scam according to its Attorney General.

Officials say if you receive such a call, do not provide the caller with any personal information such as your address, date of birth, social security number, any banking or credit card information, health insurance or Medicaid numbers, or any health-related information.

They say hang up and you can report the calls by contacting the Office of Attorney General Consumer Protection Unit at 401-274-4400 or email at .

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