Officials certify 4,533 signatures for Fall River Mayor recall

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WLNE) — A recall election for Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia is now looking like much more of a reality.

“We are just so very pleased,” said Joseph Pereira, one of the original recall petitioners.

The city’s Board of Election Commissioners certified 4,533 signatures Thursday, nearly double the number needed to trigger a recall of the Mayor, who faces federal allegations that he defrauded investors in his Sno-Owl app.

“What it does say is that people are upset. the people speak, the people spoke with their signatures on pieces of paper,” said Pereira.

The City Council is now expected to move forward with the recall process at their meeting Tuesday night.

“Right now we have to send him a letter giving him five days to resign, and if he doesn’t resign then we move on to a recall,” said councilor Stephen Long.

The Mayor has repeatedly said he won’t step down, but Long, a longtime Correia supporter, says he hopes now the Mayor will reconsider.

“With this cloud that’s over him at this point, I would hope that he would resign and let the city move on,” said Long.

If not, the recall election could happen as soon as mid-February.

Pereira says he hopes people can rally around one strong candidate, rather than splitting up the anti-Correia vote.

“That’s a big concern,” said Pereira. “If there are seven people out there that want to run for mayor, and they pull their papers and they get their 300 signatures, I guess we’re going to have seven people running. That’s not ideal.”

The Mayor continues to maintain his innocence in the federal fraud case against him.

We reached out to Correia’s office for comment Wednesday night, but have not heard back.

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