Officials discuss applying successes of day cares to reopening schools

But some teachers tell us ABC 6, the situations aren't totally comparable.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – In their weekly Facebook Live, Education Commissioner Angelica Infante-Green and Governor Gina Raimondo discussed applying the successes of child care centers to reopening schools with the Director of the Department of Human Services.

“This has been a tremendous amount of work because it’s not how we typically operate,” said Director of DHS Courtney Hawkins. “But it is possible and we’re demonstrating that when you put the work in it is possible to do that.”

Since reopening child care centers, Hawkins says they’ve had less than two dozen cases among the thousands of children and caregivers.

“Even though we’re all afraid, I was afraid sending my daughter to summer camp, we can’t rest in that fear,” said Hawkins. “We’ve got to listen to the advice of the experts, understand the science.”

But some teachers tell us ABC 6, the situations aren’t totally comparable: The age ranges are much different, and the population for schools is much larger.

“You really can’t compare opening schools across Rhode Island is a whole different ball game,” said Fourth Grade Teacher Stephanie Muse. “It’s so many more people.”

Some of the things Hawkins talked about applying to schools includes limiting contact between students, frequent cleaning, daily screenings, and keeping small, stable groups.

“With these safety precautions in place, when there are positive cases, the risk is mitigated,” said Hawkins.

But keeping everyone in fixed groups all day is something that Providence high school teacher Maya Chavez tells us isn’t in the cards for her district’s plans.

“That is something that the Providence Public School guidance specifically says is not going to happen,” said Chavez. So high school students are not going to be in stable groups because of the increased number of course offerings, teachers are going to have to move from group to group.”

Each district’s reopening plan will be posted online Friday.

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