Officials warning trick-or-treaters and drivers ahead of wet Halloween

With lousy weather expected on Halloween, officials are warning trick-or-treaters and drivers to take it easy out there.

According to Cranston Police, a child is twice as likely to be hit by a car or injured on Halloween than every other day of the year.

Some parents like Sigourney Pollard said she will be taking her young son trick-or-treating inside the mall because of the risks of hitting the street.

“I’m always concerned about the drivers in the area they’re pretty crazy over here,” Pollard said. “Stick around places that we know.”

Wet roads pose a major threat for drivers and pedestrians according to Diana Imondi, manager of traffic safety programs at AAA Northeast.

“Drivers will be able to struggle just a bit more to spot those pedestrians trick or treating,” Imondi said. “We know there’s an uptick for pedestrian fatalities, unfortunately. It’s more injury that we’re concerned about.”

Imondi is encouraging people to wear reflective clothing if trick-or-treating when the sun goes down.

There’s another aspect of being safe on Halloween as well. Police Departments, like Cranston, will have extra patrols on the street and checking in on 17 high-level sex offenders in the city.

“We go out and conduct sex offender compliance registrations checks which we do every year. And on Halloween, we’ll also be out there conducting those checks,” said Major Todd Patalano.

Patalano said that without any restrictions under parole or probation, sex offenders can hand out candy and decorate their homes.

“Unless there’s a condition of their release or parole there’s nothing from prohibiting them from handing out candy,” Patalano said.

Patalano added that sex offenders with restrictions on children cannot decorate their homes to entice kids, and officers will be conducting checks to make sure those offenders are in compliance.

To encourage a safe Halloween, Cranston Police will be hosting a ‘Trunk-or-Treat- for kids to get candy from an officer, interact with police, and get to check out a patrol car.

AAA and police also encourage people to avoid baggy clothing, uncomfortable shoes, and masks when walking the streets.