Olympic medalist Marissa Castelli returns to RI

By Mike LaCrosse


Olympic medalist and Cranston native Marissa Castelli returned home to Rhode Island.

A welcome home party for her was held at Providence College Monday night.

“It was just amazing being at the Olympics, but here just having everyone that I know and supporting me.  It was just amazing, you know I didn't think they would all come,” said Castelli.

Castelli took home the bronze medal as part of the team event.

“It's an unbelievable feeling.  I am so, so happy for her, very hard working, very determined,” said Castelli's Grandfather John Boitano.

Castelli says she's thrilled to be considered a role model.

“There are so many kids in Rhode Island that I really hope to inspire to skate more to really go after their dreams,” said Castelli.

She hopes to head back to the Olympics in 2018.