One year old gets credit card offer

She's just starting to walk and her father said he's shocked to say she's already getting credit card offers. That's right, a one year old in Massachusetts has been pre approved for a Citicard.   

The Paige family got a notice in the mail this weekend, their one year old daughter, Ava, is pre approved for a credit card.     

Her father, George Paige, told ABC6 the whole thing is a little scary, and it's his goal to get to the bottom of it.     

His biggest fear is someone is using his toddler's identity, ruining her credit before she can even form a sentence of her own, so Paige decided to call Citibank while our cameras were rolling.     

Using the automated system, he could get through a lot of process to activate the card, stopping at Ava's social security number.    

After a half an hour and several phone calls, Paige got someone from Citibank on the phone, who wasn't all that surprised Ava's info had gotten out there.   

“This weekend I had one of your City Simplicity card come in the mail,” said Paige, “The problem is the card was for my one year old daughter.” The operator then proceeded to say, “We can take that off the solicitation list. I don't know if she signed up for anything.”

According to the Citicards phone operator, Ava's name got on some sort of marketing database, which she said happens sometimes.     

She said it's doubtful her identity was stolen, but there's no way to really know unless you do a credit check.

Paige said while his mind was put at ease, being told it's less likely identity theft is the issue here.     

He said it's still concerning knowing just using your baby's name online can get their information out there.