Opening night for Station Fire Tattoo Memorial

By: Melissa Toupin

The 100–people who died in the station nightclub fire nearly ten years ago are being remembered tonight with special ink. A tattoo photo display was unveiled tonight in Pawtucket.

All of the people photographed share a common thread. They all lost someone they loved, but their reasons behind getting tattoos are as individual as the person they lost.

Opening night of ‘Station Ink: A Tattoo Memorial' drew a large and emotional crowd. With the 10 year anniversary approaching dozens of people's memorial tattoos were photographed for the gallery. 80 portraits were blown up and suspended.

This was a labor of love for Paula McLaughlin whose brother and sister–in–law were among the 100 killed. She wanted a way to carry them with her where ever she went, and like many who share her pain found the answer in being tattooed.

“It's how we show our love. It's forever. We can't be with them any more and we can't see them any more, so it's when you look at your tattoo. You know… it's for them. It's for them,” said McLaughlin.

The exhibit is open to the public and runs Saturday and Sunday from 12-5 p.m. at the Pawtucket Armory.

A public memorial service will be held this Sunday at 1 p.m. at the site of the fire.