Order up! Robot now serving pizza at Cumberland restaurant

CUMBERLAND, R.I. (WLNE) — As thousands of restaurants in the region continue to struggle finding workers, one local pizza shop in Cumberland has a new prototype that could help solve the problem.

Servi is a food-running robot that’s now tending to customers at Angelo’s Palace Pizza in Cumberland. 

“She’s a wait-staff assistant, so she doesn’t replace anyone,” said Alexandria Kitsilis, co-owner of Angelo’s Palace. “She’s more to help out if we’re busy and can’t get to a table. We can put the food right on there and she delivers it quickly.”

Servi officially started at Angelo’s Palace last week, after taking a few weeks to memorize the floor plan and table numbers.

“She knows the space, she senses people, she waits, she backs up, it’s pretty cool,” said Kitsilis. 

Angelo’s Palace brought Servi in to help out with lunchtime crowds, after having to reduce lunch hours following the pandemic.

“My brother thought of it as a way to help because we’re short staffed,” said Kitsilis. 

“As everyone knows, restaurants are looking for staff so we thought of a way to help our staff and assist them to make their jobs easier so they can spend more time with their guests,” Kitsilis explained.

So far, Servi has been a big hit with many people coming into the restaurant and requesting a table in Servi’s section.

“She creates a bit of a buzz,” said Kitsilis. “Its innovative and exciting.”

On top of running food, Servi also talks to guest and can even wish them Happy Birthday.

Servi is powered by Bear Robotics and costs the restaurant $1000 per month. 

There are only 2 serving robots on the East Coast of the United States. One is in Miami, the other is at Angelo’s Palace Pizza.

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