Orionid Meteor Shower peaking this week

Full moon will prohibit good viewing conditions

The Orionid Meteor Shower happens through much of October but has been peaking this week. Under ideal viewing conditions, a spotter could see around 20 meteors per hour! Unfortunately, don’t expect ideal conditions for this years viewing.

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While clear skies are expected through much of this week overnight, we also have the October Hunter full moon occurring this week. Typically to best see meteors, one would get away from city lights and find the darkest spot possible but with a full moon, no matter where you are it’s going to be a bright sky.

The Hunter full moon happened at 10:57AM on Wednesday, but will still be very bright for meteor viewing in the coming nights. It’s too bad because otherwise conditions would be ideal for viewing with clear skies and mild temperatures for late-October, overnight lows are staying in the 50s instead of the seasonable 40s.

Chelsea Priest, ABC6 Meteorologist 

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