Outburst in court after man pleads guilty to Mother’s Day killing

A West Warwick man has pleaded guilty to the brutal murder of his estranged wife on Mother’s Day of 2014.

Robert Bethea, 46, apologized to the family of Shelina Moreino in court on Thursday. Moreino’s oldest daughter screamed and swore at him as he gave that apology calling him crazy.

Moreino was found with multiple stab wounds in her Central Falls apartment after Bethea called 911 and told them what he did to her.

After Bethea changed his plea on Thursday, Moreino’s father addressed the judge.

“The family is in turmoil because nobody deserves the type of death that this person inflicted. A destruction for which is still a mystery to me,” said John Weeden.

Moreino was a mother of two and a grandmother of two as well.. Her 8-year-old was home when she was killed.

“If there’s one question I would like to ask you Robert Bethea, it is why?” said Bethea.

Moreino’s family tells us they do not accept his apology.

“It’s easy for him to say sorry. It would have been a little bit harder for him to just stop and walk away,” said Moreino’s aunt Donna Weeden.

There was a history of domestic abuse in this case. Moreino’s father wants to warn others in similar situations to get out and seek help if you need it.

Bethea was sentenced to life in prison.

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