Outrage brewing over upside down flags in Cranston

Local veterans are outraged over the site of two flags that were hung upside down at the Bestway Gas Station in Cranston.

The owner calls the whole thing a mistake and says the employee who did it has been let go.

"As somebody that is a Marine Corp. veteran I find it very offensive. You know it is disgraceful to all the ones that lost their lives all the ones that paid the ultimate sacrifice,” said Tony DeQuattro the founder of Operation Stand Down.

The flags were put up at the gas station as part of the business’ grand opening. Two were placed upside down, the third the right way.

"it was a mistake. It’s not intentional. It was just the first time we were putting up flags,” said Ahmed Choudhry the gas station’s owner.

He says he only became aware that there was a problem when police came to his door. He tells ABC 6 News that the employee who put up the flags has been fired, but does insist they were not intentionally placed that way.

"I think he was rushing and I think he put it up and that’s what happened," said Choudhry. "We deeply apologize to every customer, every American and for every person."

DeQuattro says he doesn’t believe it was a mistake and is happy to hear there were consequences for the employee responsible.

"If somebody is in this country how do they not know better that you don’t put a flag upside down. Everybody knows the star goes up,” said DeQuattro.

The flags were only up the wrong way for about two hours.

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