Over 100 dirt bikes and ATVs ride through Providence, officer involved crash caught on camera

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE): A 24-year-old man is in critical but stable condition after he was driving a moped and crashed on Bissell Street and Elmwood Avenue, according to Providence Police Commander Thomas Verdi.

The crash was captured on camera by a neighbor where you could see an officer following the driver, and quickly making a right turn, before the crash. The neighbor who recorded the video said they saw the officer hit the driver. However, Commander Verdi said police are investigating the cause and reviewing footage.


Mayor Jorge Elorza said the city will be investigating. In a statement he said:

We had a terrible incident in our city tonight that left a young man severely injured— we hope he will make a full recovery. Our police are actively reviewing all video evidence, talking to witnesses, and recreating the scene. We will be doing a full investigation and will continue to communicate as the investigation unfolds

Earlier Sunday evening, ABC6 cameras captured over 100 ATVs and dirt bikes riding through Providence. According to the President of the Providence Firefighters Union, Derek Silva, firefighters responded to a total of 4 crashes involving the dirt bikes and ATVs on Sunday evening.

“Providence firefighters are responding to more motor vehicle crashes involving illegal ATVs and dirt bikes than ever before,” Silva said.  “These illegal ATV and dirt bikes are causing crashes that have led to serious injuries and even death. They have no business in our city.”

In 2017, an ordinance was passed through Providence City Council that allows police to confiscate and destroy illegal bikes and ATVs.

Earlier this month, 33 illegal dirt bikes and ATVs seized by police were destroyed.

Although Providence Police were seen following the bikers, the Providence Police Department has certain no-chase policies due to public safety liabilities, and police say stopping the bikers is often an issue.


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