Over 2 million people in U.S. recover from COVID, recovery process lingers for many

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (WLNE) – More than two million people in the U.S. have recovered from the coronavirus since the pandemic first started in March.

The recovery process is far from over for many.

For 60-year-old Lynn Thibeault of South Kingstown, it started with a sore throat and a headache on March 20th. Doctors tested her for the flu and pneumonia, and those tests came back negative.

Days later, Lynne was having trouble breathing.

“I had a lot of shortness of breath. I do have an underlying health condition, I have asthma.”

Lynn ended up testing positive for COVID-19 and thought she would power throw it just like the flu.

She spent a few days recovering at her home, but everyday her symptoms grew more severe.

“I got up to take a shower and I passed out.” Said Thibeault.

She was taken to Kent Hospital where she stayed for 21 days. Three of those days she was on a ventilator.

“I was on a feeding tube. They took a lot of fluid out of my lungs.”

According to Johns Hopkins University, Lynn is one of two million people who have now recovered from the virus in the United States.

But many of these survivors now face long term health challenges.

She said, “I’m a bit frustrated because I thought I’d be fully recovered right now.”

It has been six months since Lynn’s hard fought battle with the virus, but today she still suffers from shortness of breath and can’t do a lot without feeling tired and winded.

“I have chronic fatigue syndrome. I want to go out and do all these things, and I can’t.”

Despite all she’s been through, and the long road she still faces, this survivor believes people shouldn’t stop living their lives because of this virus.

She says she plans to do the same.

“If I didn’t have asthma I probably wouldn’t have ended up in the hospital. If you are healthy person, I think people are overreacting and I know it sounds weird coming from someone in my shoes but I don’t think the whole world needs to stop living because a few people like myself.”

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