Over 250 police, fire, military personnel coming to Tyler’s birthday celebration

By Alana Cerrone


Police officers, firefighters, and military members from across the country are coming to Burrillville to make a local boy's dream come true.

Tyler Seddon is battling leukemia, and for his 7th birthday on Thursday March 6, hundreds of his heroes – first responders and military members – will be in Burrillville to make his birthday special.

On Thursday, a Burrillville Police Officer will pick Tyler up and take him to the police station, where he will be sworn in as Chief for the Day and get to wear his own police-type uniform. Colonel Stephen Lynch and the rest of the staff will welcome him, as he sits in the Chief's chair and then tours the station.

Then, an officer will drive Tyler by his school, A.T. Levy, where his classmates will be waving to him. After that, they're off to Wright's Farm where Tyler will be honored by over 250 police officers, firefighters, and military personnel.

Over 185 police cars, 12 police motorcycles, and 30 pieces of fire apparatus from departments all over New England will be coming to join the celebration for Tyler.

Organizers want to point out that the gathering at Wright's Farm is not open to the public.

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