Over 60 And Still Going Strong

By Matt Blanchette


The boys of summer on the Action Auto Parts over 60 softball team played in a regional tournament at Earwick City park this weekend.They are playing to advance to the world championships.

This same team went to the world championshiops in Florida last year well they still travel all the time across New England.and all over the east coast.

They've been tremendously successful at it and do it for the love of the game.

“We have to run we have to bat we have to hit a ball that's moving we have to throw it. It keeps us in the best shape I think we can be in. Yesterday we played in four games. Today we played two and tomorrow we are going to play two more. And for guys who are over 60 years old, it's probably the only way we can be in some semblance of shape at our age. We have a passion for softball. Other guys like to do something different. They like to hit a softball, the spend time with their families. Our passion besides our family is playing softball.