Overnight strong winds knock out power in Warwick

Power crews worked through Friday to restore power in the Cowesett section of Warwick

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WARWICK, R.I. (WLNE) – The hum of generators filled the air Friday morning in the Cowesett section of Warwick, after overnight strong winds knocked out power.

Maryellen Lunn tells us she’s glad a huge tree that fell didn’t land on her house.

Lunn says, “The moment I heard it, it woke us up, I knew one of those trees came down.  And it did.  And, the good thing was it came right down between the houses.  It didn’t do any property damage.”

It did, however, knock out power.

Lunn says, “So far, other than not having my coffee, it hasn’t been too bad because it’s daylight and it’s a warmer day. But, if we don’t get power on by the evening, it’s going to get colder and we’ll be in the dark.”

Jared DeAlmo also lives in this neighborhood.

DeAlmo says, “We thought we’d made it through the storm, but woke up about 5:30, we were watching the news, and the next thing you know the TV went out.”

He says he has a generator, but he didn’t take it out before the storm.

DeAlmo says, “A little inconvenient, but I got the battery operated flashlights out and lit the house up so we could at least get ready.”

DeAlmo tells ABC6 that National Grid crews were on scene less than 3 hours after they lost power.

DeAlmo says, “Oh I thought it was amazing.  I told my wife ‘Expect it to be a few days.’  I said, ‘These things don’t happen quick, you know clear up trees and get the power restored.’  But, I think they were here by 8:00”

Just down the street, Daniel Rosenbaum found himself taking an unexpected day off from volunteering as a tax preparer to take care of things at home after his power went out.

Rosenbaum says, “The temperature’s going down slowly.  And, we keep an eye on our refrigerator.  We only opened it once.”

Meanwhile, he was patiently waiting for the power to come back.

Rosenbaum says, “They text me.  They’re very good.  They said 3:15.”

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