‘Overwhelming and scary’: North Providence mom describes sons experience with RSV

NORTH PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — Grayson Swain, who’s only 14 months old, is one of hundreds of young children across the country infected with RSV.

A respiratory virus that’s common for his age, but his mother Jacquelyn said her son’s case was more severe.

“He was sleeping 14 plus hours at times, and he couldn’t breathe. He was chest caving, he was working his body so hard to breathe you could see his ribs because he was working that hard to get the oxygen to his lungs,” Swain said.

Thankfully Grayson is now home and healthy, following a 5-day stay at Hasbro Children’s Hospital and a 2-week recovery overall.

“It’s really scary because even the healthcare professionals said they haven’t seen it this bad, so to see your little one like that it’s very overwhelming and scary.”

Currently there are 21 cases of RSV at Hasbro.

Dr. Amy Nunn of The Rhode Island Public Health Institute said infants who were born post pandemic have a lower sense of immunity and are more susceptible to severe cases of RSV. Especially with little to no masking or other COVID mitigations.

“A lot of things we’ve been protected from for the past few years, we now may be a little more vulnerable,” Dr. Nunn said.

While Nunn said we could see an even great spike in RSV along with Flu and COVID cases as part of a “Tridemic.”

Shes said the way to fight back is to get vaccinated, especially young children.

“In Rhode Island only about 40% of children have been vaccinated and about half of that number has been boosted. So, there’s still a public health opportunity to improve our vaccination rates because these things travel together,” Nunn added.

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