Owner of Dog Found Shot Wants Justice

The owner of a Golden Retriever shot to death in New Bedford, figured something bad had happened, since he'd been missing for a month. After finding out he was killed execution style, he became numb.

Eric Nelson says he can't get the picture out of his mind. Nelson looks at a YouTube video he'd posted of his dog “Woody” last year. He says Woody had just gotten a new toy.

Nelson says, “he was just a sweet dog, friendly dog, everyone loved him.”

And he also loved to explore. Nelson says it was normal for Woody to wander into the woods behind his house, he'd scratch on the back door when he was ready to come back in, but when a whole day passed and he hadn't returned he knew something was wrong.

“I figured that he had probably walked off and passed away in the woods or someone found him and just hadn't heard I was looking for him,” said Nelson.

But it was none of those things. Instead it was worse. Woody had been the victim of an unthinkable act.

On February 13th, Woody and a Chihuahua were found by a pedestrian in the New Bedford Business Park. A veterinarian says both dogs had been shot execution style, from above and behind.

Nelson had to identify his dog.

“I don't even like to have the thought in my head of him standing there and somebody doing that it's horrible,” he said.

The vet was able to pull a bullet from one of the dogs which was given to investigators. It's comforting news to Nelson, who says his house has been too quiet now that Woody's gone.

“I'd like to see someone go to jail for a long time,” said Nelson.

After our story aired on Tuesday, the MSPCA was flooded with phone calls. A spokesperson tells us they're following many strong leads.

They are offering a 1,000 dollar reward to anyone with information.