Tropical Storm Jose impacting local oyster farmer

By: News Staff


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FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (WLNE) — Tropical Storm Jose has been causing strong winds and rough surf on the south coast of Massachusetts Wednesday morning.

In fact, Jose has seriously impacted one Fairhaven business in particular.

The clean water of Nasketucket Bay in Fairhaven is typically a great place to harvest oysters, according to Oyster Farmer, Toby Adams-Cook.

“The oysters grow pretty well. Our customers like them,” said Adams-Cook.

However, Wednesday morning as Tropical Storm Jose rolled in toward the south coast of Massachusetts it brought with it a combination of howling winds and choppy water that forced Adams-Cook to close down his oyster farming business for the day.

“On normal harvest days we can sell around a hundred bags so 10,000 oysters. I’m not gonna say how much we sell them for but 10,000 oysters you can guess how much we’re losing,” said Adams-Cook.

Nonetheless, it is not just money the oyster farmer is losing — it is his oysters.

Rough conditions led to cages full of oysters to break free from the line they were attached to.

“Each cage holds six bags. Each bag holds around three or four-hundred oysters,” said Adams-Cook.

Adams-Cook hopes that the bags of oysters can somehow stay in the cage until the storm passes, but he added, “there’s only so much preparation you can do.”

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