Package theft plagues holidays

Nicole Gerber


The US Postal Service says during the holidays it delivers three times the amount of packages it usually
does. And when boxes are left unattended on doorsteps they become prime targets for thieves.

Diana Figueroa had expensive audio equipment for her
boyfriend stolen right off her porch.

“I get there and there's no package at the side door… and
so he calls UPS and they tell us, well, it's not our problem, people follow the
trucks around all the time especially around the holidays,” she said.

Figueroa says, even more disturbing than thieves stalking
delivery trucks, is the thought of a them invading the privacy of her home.

“The way that we have our side door for the packages like,
they probably had to either go into the door or open the screen door, so they
clearly were on our property to get our package.”

If you still have some packages to be shipped the Postal Service has some advice on how you can keep them safe.

“You certainly can put insurance on your mail and we advise
it during this time of year, it's always good practice to do that. You can also
make arrangements with your letter carrier on where you do want it left so that
it's safe,” said USPS spokesperson Christine Dugas.

Or you can do what Figueroa does… and require signatures
for every delivery.

“It's a little more inconvenient unfortunately but it
definitely makes you feel more comfortable having to sign for your stuff and
knowing that you're definitely going to get it,” she said.

Most post offices are staying open this Sunday to make sure
that you can get your deliveries in time for Christmas.

Just check with your local branch to make sure.

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