Parents and students nervous, but excited for new school year

CRANSTON, R.I. (WLNE) – There were a lot of emotions for parents Monday morning as they dropped their kids off at school for the first time since March.

As the buses pulled up and the school doors opened, students made their way back to the classroom masked up and ready to go.

At Arlington Elementary School, kids like Joseph were ready to head back in.

“I’m kind of excited,” 6-year-old Joseph Prout III said. “I’m six and I’m joining a new school.”

However, their parents weren’t so eager to let their kids go.

“With this coronavirus going around we’ve just got to stay limited and hope that everything smoothes out,” Joseph Prout said.

The nerves stretched from Arlington Elementary to Hugh B Bain Middle School… from families to teachers to cross guards.

“I’m feeling the nerves,” Shelley Fusco said. “We don’t know what to expect, how many kids we’ll see and we don’t even know what next week is going to bring.”

When students pulled up their schools in Cranston, they had to wait at the entrance before entering to check for symptoms.

At the middle and high schools, only special education and ESL students returned in person Monday. Others like Kristi Casper’s daughter Alexa, started the year virtually and will phase back into the classroom by the end of the month.

“I think like any other parent right now, we wonder is it going to be safe,” Kristi Casper said. “Will it be alright, are they going to be able to stay distanced, stay in their stable pods?”

Kristi says the changes are significant. Her daughter will stay in the same classroom all day long while teachers rotate throughout the day and even Physical Education will be held inside the classroom.

“If at any point she feels people aren’t following safety precautions… if you’ve got kids running around with their masks down here like you see even so many adults doing, if at any point she feels uncomfortable, to let me know because we will make a change if we feel the need,” Casper said.

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