Parents in Scituate fed up with bullying

By: Chloe Leshner


SCITUATE, R.I. (WLNE) — Several families in Scituate are fed up with bullying in schools. Making it worse, parents who spoke to ABC 6, say the district is denying that there’s a problem.

Two families sat down with ABC 6 today to talk about what their children have been through. The bullying was so extreme for one family, they say their daughter had to switch schools.

Within the walls of Scituate schools, some children are feeling fear and anguish. Parents saying even in elementary school, their kids are being bullied.

"Girls were targeting her during art class and giving her spelling words knowing that shes dyslexic and wouldn’t be able to spell the words they were giving her and making fun of her," says Joe Maggiacomo.

"Two people who were bullying her, and were documented as bullying her, claimed she had a knife on her. She was pulled into the office, she was searched, her bags were searched. It was a false claim," says Stacy Vezina-Wortman.

Both families say administration has brushed off their many complaints

"We’re told it’s not happening, it’s not being done, it’s not an issue," says Vezina-Wortman.

"We were told it was an isolated targeting incident and they failed to address the concerns," adds Maggiacomo.

In a statement to ABC 6 the Scituate Superintendent Dr. Lawrence Filippelli said they investigate every claim of bullying before an "age-appropriate and situational appropriate discipline is enacted."

For these families though, it wasn’t enough. The Maggiacomo’s now drive their daughter to and from a school Dartmouth everyday. They say they’ve noticed a drastic change.

"When she comes out she has a smile on her face, she’s at ease, you don’t see the stress on her face anymore," says Maggiacomo.

There are several other families who say they’re dealing with similar issues. They’ve even created a Facebook group to share stories and work on solutions.

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