Parents of Hope High ‘Walkers’ Learn Childrens’ Punishment

ABC6 has obtained a letter to be sent to parents of students who were identified as participants in last week's walk-out protest, describing the consequences they will face.

Read the letter below…


Dear Parent(s): As you may know, on Thursday, May 13, numerous Hope High School students chose to leave class without permission, cut class, and leave school grounds in order to participate in a “walk-out” and a march to Providence Schools Central Administration and City Hall. We have taken several measures to identify students who participated, and have determined that your child, was among those who participated in the above-mentioned violations. Our concern at Hope High School is first and foremost for the safety and well-being of all students. In order to keep our school community safe, orderly and conducive to learning, we have established certain behavioral expectations. Violations of these expectations are addressed according to the district's Student Code of Conduct. The demonstration on May 13 interrupted instructional time at our school, even for those who chose not to participate. School, district and city resources were diverted to ensure that order was kept, and loud demonstrations outside of the school prevented effective teaching and learning, both at the beginning of the march and at its conclusion. Students were warned on numerous occasions that their choice to participate in this walk-out would yield consequences. Hope High School administrators have concluded that participants in the walk-out violated three separate policies as outlined by the Providence Public School District Code of Conduct. Specifically, Level 1 noncompliance:

• Leaving class without permission
• Cutting class
Level 2 noncompliance:
• Leaving school building or grounds without permission
Accordingly, students who violated these policies will receive the following consequences as described in the Code of Conduct:
• For the two Level 1 offenses, students will not be allowed to participate in our school field day activities currently scheduled for June 16. This is considered a “loss of non-academic privileges.” Additionally, they will be required to perform a “school-based community service” during the time that field day is held.
• For their Level 2 offense, students will receive the consequence of a two-hour Friday detention on May 21, from 3 to 5 p.m., during which administrators and faculty will present the students with additional information and explanation regarding graduation requirements and the transition to a six-period schedule. Please work with your child to make arrangements for his/her transportation from this two-hour detention.
Parents should note that failure to abide by these two consequences will result in further disciplinary action, including suspension. If you have further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Hope Administration at 456-9161. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter. Respectfully, Dr. Arthur P. Petrosinelli Mr. Scott R. Sutherland Principal, Hope Technology High School Principal, Hope Arts High School