Parents outraged after adult suits up for youth football game

A man thought to be in his late teens was captured on camera suiting up and briefly playing during a youth football game meant for 13 and 14 year old’s this weekend.

"I could zoom right in and see the facial hair,” said parent Kevin Stockwell. “You know most 13 year old’s are starting to get facial hair. This gentleman had facial hair and had arm tattoos."

Number 84 for the Capital City Buccaneers got in the game right after halftime, lasting a few plays before refs realized what was going on and pulled him out.

"It was a disgrace to me to our organization because that’s not what we stand for,” said Alexandra Diaz the founder of the Buccaneers.

Diaz says she stepped away for a few minutes when the switch went down, coming back only to find out a player’s brother was on the field.

"The coach told me it was his idea. He takes full responsibility for it,” said Diaz.

The VP of the League, Nelson Pedro, told ABC 6 News by phone Monday night that the decision has been made to remove the Buccaneers indefinitely.

"Certainly everybody is a little disappointed,” said Pedro.

Parents tell us they are pleased the situation was handled before someone got hurt, but angry that it happened at all.

"Think about the kids if he would have paralyzed one of our kids or something worse,” said Stockwell.

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